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It sticks! We experimented with different styles of installations, here we used a traditional squeegee method which worked fine, but wasn't quite as fast as our "broom" method. We asked the parks "extremists" to show no mercy on the graphics, it's not quite lab conditions, but it is real. (Ok, we sent out for lab tests too).  
Event-Trac - Affordable asphalt concrete decals Event-Trac is providing new revenue opportunities to many different types of business and events. Available through sign companies, ad agencies, the promotional products industry including ASI and PPAI Distributors, Event-Trac is finding it's way into all kinds of places.
Takes a Beating We let the bikers and the boarders run wild on this graphic at a local park, other than the bike tires leaving some rubber, the graphic went unscathed.
Skate Bowl In Grand Haven Michigan, a Monster Event-Trac logo is placed in the bowl at the local skate park for a competition happening later on that night. We had some local kids break in the graphic.
Event-Trac Gets Attention From Extreme Sports Event-Trac has found its way into extreme sports. In Grand Haven at the skate park everyone was eager to help install Event-Trac on the ramps to get ready for the first annual skateboarding competition. They helped the installation go smoothly and efficiently to ensure it wouldn't interfere with the ramps shredding capabilities.

Have you seen this Event-Trac decal at Taste of Muskegon?

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It's not an event without Event-Trac!

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